16 January 2019

Comparison of Fungicide efficacy across countries

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Find information on the efficacy of the most important compounds against cereal diseases across countries in Europe.
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Find presentations and conclusions from EPPO's septoria workshop held at Rothamsted, December 2010 here

Survey on the use of disease thresholds

New guideline on monitoring of diseases in wheat and a survey on control thresholds used in different countries

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Welcome to EuroWheat

EUROWHEAT is an Internet based platform aiming at collating and displaying host - and pathogen characteristics, and pesticide efficacy on a European scale. Bringing together existing information from national programs and ensuring that these data are in a format, which can be readily understood trans-nationally, are expected to provide significant added value on a European scale. New disease - and resistance data will be published on the platform as soon as possible to support effective disease control, deployment of host resistances and breeding programs.

Present information available are:

  • Virulences in the yellow rust population
  • Ranking of wheat cultivars for susceptibility to Fusarium and different testing methods
  • Disease names in six different languages
  • Effectiveness of fungicides ranked in different countries
  • Fungicides international trade names
  • Fungicide resistance as present in Europe
  • Survey on pesticide use and yield responses to fungicides in EU countries
  • Yield level and yield losses from specific diseases in 8 EU countries
  • Information on disease thresholds and DSSs used in Europe
  • Cultural practices impact on disease development
  • National documents on disease management

EuroWheat was funded by the ENDURE project and Aarhus University.


For further information, please contact:
Lise Nistrup Jørgensen, e-mail: LiseN.Jorgensen@agrsci.dk
Mogens S. Hovmøller, e-mail: Mogens.Hovmoller@agrsci.dk

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Publications about EuroWheat

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doi: 10.1016/S2095-3119(13)60646-2

EuroWheat.org : A support to integrated disease management in wheat. Outlooks on Pest Management, Vol 21, No 4 - August 2010, p 173-176

EuroWheat.org: a new research-based website supporting integrated disease management in wheat. From Science to Field Wheat Case Study - Guide Number 3, 2010

EuroWheat : Supporting IPM in Wheat, including Information on Fusarium Head Blight. Poster for The 11th European Fusarium Seminar 'Fusarium - Mycotoxins, Taxonomy, Pathogenicity and Host Resistance', Radzikow, Poland, 20 - 24 September 2010.

Read more about EuroWheat and Wheat case studies from ENDURE here.